Meet Meg

Funki was started by Meg, a graphic designer with a passion for art, fashion and all things Funki.

After her iconic poster 'Disco + Tequila' went viral on TikTok, she continued creating fun prints and clothing that reflected her personality and lifestyle. Driven by the positive feedback and demand from her growing audience, Funki was born.

The name Funki comes from the inital reaction people had to her work, often describing it as "funky" and thus, the name stuck.

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Why Funki?

We pride ourself on originality, quality and being unconventional. As we continue to grow, our passion for creating exciting, exceptional clothing remains unwavering.

All our clothing is made, printed and shipped locally in Los Angeles, California. To reduce waste and practice sustainably, all our garments are made in small batches.

We aim to make Funki a destination for individuals who appreciate quality, originality and Funki style.

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